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What do I need for my new puppy?

Here are a few things that I recommend for your new puppy. Not all are mandatory; they are just things I have found to help raise a happy, healthy pup. You can find everything listed on Amazon and several different stores. I hope you find this list helpful as you plan for your new baby.

This is the puppy food we will be using. It has everything needed for a healthy growing puppy. Your puppy needs to stay on this formula until he/she is one year old, then you can transition to the adult formula. You can buy on Amazon, Chewy, Tractor Supply, Orscheln, and many pet stores

Your puppy will need a crate that is 48” once he/she is fully grown. You can purchase something similar to this or start with a smaller crate and work your way up as he/she grows

The snuggle puppy is wonderful! It helps to make those first few nights away from his/her siblings not so scary. I Love, Love Love This!!

The bells are a great way to train your puppy to go outside to potty.

Grooming a GoldenDoodle is something that you will need to do daily. This comb and slicker regularly to line brush will keep his/her fur from matting.

The iGroom line is full of great products for grooming. 

For bath time, in the beginning, a regular people hair dryer will be fine, but once his/her fur starts to get long and thick, this dryer is a must! It cuts drying time in half and fluffs the coat like a groomer would do.

This is by far the best leash I have found. It is short to keep him/her close and very sturdy.

Here are two options for Seatbelts. I use both when they are little, and once they are older, I use the headrest restraint

I recommend a harness similar to this to teach leash walking. You will have more control than a regular collar.

These supplements are great! One per day so your baby grows big and strong.

These bones are by far the best I’ve found. It keeps them busy for hours!

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