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Planned Litters For The End of 2024 !

Savvy Riggs_edited_edited_edited_edited_

Savvy is calm, loving and minds so well! 

She is a people pleaser and a Big Ham for

the Camera! Every time she sees it pointed her way she smiles SO big!  She also snorts and grins when we laugh at her just like she knows what she's doing.

Honeysuckle Creek Smilin' Savvy

Goldendoodles of Morgantown Riggs

According to Riggs' parents, he is just a big ole' Teddy Bear!  Very loving and gentle and great with kids. We just love that deep red color!

Cricket Copper_edited.jpg

Southern Enchanted Copper

Copper is a sweet little guy. He is the only Dood in his home so he gets lots of attention. Copper loves to go to work with his parent and he is very well mannered.

Honeysuckle Creek Cricket

Cricket is a super sweetheart!  She is the daughter and spitting image of our Matriarch Annie.  Cricket is very human focused,  calm in nature and loves kids.

Reba Luka_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Honeysuckle Creek Reba

Reba is one of our Gorgeous Red-Heads. 

She is very people focused but she does

love to play with her Aunt Savvy, Aunt

Abree and Sister Everly a lot.  She does

really well with kids and loves attention.

Super sweet and just beautiful!

Luka Ford of Southern Doodle Studs

Luka is just the cutest little guy.  He has produced some seriously precious pups.  His mom says he is very human focused, calm, very loving and just a dream!  

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